Droop & Python 3

On 14 May 2020, in Uncategorized, by jlundell

The STV election-counting software droop (see under PR Resources) was originally written in Python 2, which has over the years become obsolescent. I’ve moved it to Python 3 (3.6 or better, to be exact). It took about a day, mostly mechanical (helped a lot by 2to3).

If you’re moving to Python 3 yourself, do look into venv, its built-in virtual-environment facility, a simpler subset of the venerable virtualenv.


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  1. Trevor says:

    Thank you for your work in this area!

    I am also interested in volunteering on electoral reform efforts like RCV and STV. Are you looking for help for further Droop development?

    Also, have you had any connection to the RCV Universal Tabulator (https://github.com/BrightSpots/rcv) developed by BrightSpots and the RCV Resource Center (https://www.rankedchoicevoting.org/universal_rcv_tabulator)? I found them through FairVote.org. Just trying to understand how the whole ecosystem connects.

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