About the Proportional Representation Foundation

The Proportional Representation Foundation (PR Foundation) is dedicated to public education on the subject of proportional representation and its benefits for democratic institutions, public and private. We are convinced that the future of PR advocacy in the United States must rest on a foundation of public education. Our purpose is to help to build that foundation directly, and to be a resource to other advocates of democratic reforms.

The Foundation is, for now, an informal membership organization. Jonathan Lundell is its General Secretary.

Correspondence may be directed to secretary@prfound.org.

Except where otherwise noted, this work is copyright 2010 by Jonathan Lundell and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


I have relied on a shelf full of books and papers on PR and related subject. There are too many to list here, but I have included quite a few in the site bibliography. I will single out the work of Douglas Amy and Kathleen Barber as having been especially helpful in construction these pages.

Other individuals who have been of special help, directly or indirectly, in creating this site include Brian Wichmann, David Hill, James Gilmour, Jo Chamberlain and Juho Laatu. I apologize for omitting other names that should be included, but one of the advantages of electronic formats is that I can (and will) correct my mistakes as I go.

Thanks also to those who have read this site and taken the time to comment. I can’t promise to incorporate every suggestion, but I will consider each one seriously.

—Jonathan Lundell

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4 Responses to About the PR Foundation

  1. forrman says:

    I want to actively get involved spreading the word about replacing the pluralist voting system with a PR system in the US. What do you offer? Previously, I have done some advocacy on PR with Steve Chessin, at CFeR (Californian’s for Electoral Reform).
    Forrest Woolman, 661-917-7140

  2. jlundell says:

    Since you’re in California, CfER is, I think, the best vehicle for action. Readers elsewhere should look first to FairVote (unless you’re in Minnesota, in which case FairVote Minnesota is terrific).

  3. Pete Martineau says:

    I came across your site, Jonathan, looking for a resume of Ernest Neville. Steve C has Neville’s PR quote on one of the slides he used at his S. CA talk last month. I will use it in my 2 hour talk at Sac State on Mar 8; a mini seminar for maybe 50 members of the Renaissance Society at the U, a group of ~1500 over 60s. We use the U on Fridays, and we attend classes and miniseminars that we teach.

    • jlundell says:

      I first came across the quote in Kathleen Barber’s excellent book on PR. If you search this site, you’ll find a brief blog post with a little more on Naville, including the original version (French) of the quote.

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