Reference STV rules

On 10 September 2010, in Front Page, PR Resources, by jlundell

You’ll find a new addition to the site under the PR Resources menu: Reference STV Rules, still under construction but ready for browsing.

While STV itself is much simpler than most people think (if they think about that kind of thing, anyway), getting a specific rule exactly right is a subtle matter, and many organizations and governments have gotten it wrong. To that end, we’re putting together a set of “reference” or “model” STV rules, so far one each for the Weighted Inclusive Gregory Method (WIGM) and for Meek’s method.

The Droop STV-counting software will include implementations of all the reference rules; right now it supports the Meek and WIGM reference rules, named meek-prf and wigm-prf in Droop.

Besides the core counting rules, we’ll have language for related matters, such as validating ballots, handling casual vacancies, and election audits.

Stay tuned.


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