PR and constituency representation

On 7 October 2010, in Front Page, PR Resources, by jlundell

Allan Ides’ paper (see the previous post) includes a discussion of the pros & cons of single-member plurality elections vs proportional representation. In that discussion, Ides replies to the frequently heard objection that, under PR, a voter has no single elected representative to turn to for constituent services. On the other hand, it is worth […]

Approximating Democracy: A Proposal for Proportional Representation in the California Legislature

On 7 October 2010, in Front Page, News, PR Resources, by jlundell

Allan Ides, of the Loyola Law School Los Angeles, has a new paper making a case for a unicameral California legislature elected using mixed-member proportional representation. We’ll have more to say about the proposal later, but for now, here’s a summary and a link to a downloadable copy of the paper. The State of California […]

Reference STV rules

On 10 September 2010, in Front Page, PR Resources, by jlundell

You’ll find a new addition to the site under the PR Resources menu: Reference STV Rules, still under construction but ready for browsing. While STV itself is much simpler than most people think (if they think about that kind of thing, anyway), getting a specific rule exactly right is a subtle matter, and many organizations […]