Droop moves to GitHub!

On 6 July 2018, in News, PR Technical, by jlundell

At long last, the Droop STV counter, along with its wiki, has been moved from Google Code (long ago closed down) to GitHub. It needs updating and retesting, but at least it’s now accessible. See the Droop page for links.

Matthew Yglesias: Proportional Representation Can Ease Redistricting Woes

On 1 June 2011, in Front Page, News, by jlundell

Matthew Yglesias has a nice PR post on his Think Progress blog. It’s basic stuff, but the basic stuff bears repeating. Washington, D.C. is currently mired in some controversy over the need for post-census redrawing of our Ward boundaries. I’ve also been reading some analysis of the new congressional district plan out of Democratic-controlled Illinois, […]

Approximating Democracy: A Proposal for Proportional Representation in the California Legislature

On 7 October 2010, in Front Page, News, PR Resources, by jlundell

Allan Ides, of the Loyola Law School Los Angeles, has a new paper making a case for a unicameral California legislature elected using mixed-member proportional representation. We’ll have more to say about the proposal later, but for now, here’s a summary and a link to a downloadable copy of the paper. The State of California […]

PR in the real world: Australia

On 25 August 2010, in Elections, Front Page, News, by jlundell

Want to understand the essence of proportional representation in a minute or two? Look no farther than the results of the Australian Federal elections held on Saturday 21 August. Like the US, Australia has a two-house legislature, with a Senate with 12 seats per state (and four territorial seats), half of which is elected at […]