Habent PM

On 13 September 2010, in Elections, by jlundell

Australia and Julia Gillard, that is, three weeks after the election that resulted in neither major party having a majority. It’s a bit curious that we’re seeing negotiated coalition governments all over the place (well, Australia and the UK, anyway) under non-PR systems (Australia uses PR for their upper house, but IRV/AV and single-member districts […]

Reference STV rules

On 10 September 2010, in Front Page, PR Resources, by jlundell

You’ll find a new addition to the site under the PR Resources menu: Reference STV Rules, still under construction but ready for browsing. While STV itself is much simpler than most people think (if they think about that kind of thing, anyway), getting a specific rule exactly right is a subtle matter, and many organizations […]

If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?

On 28 August 2010, in Front Page, PR History, by jlundell

Or: If proportional representation is so wonderful, why doesn’t everybody use it? The answer, of course, is that (nearly) everybody does. Below is a list of countries that use PR for national elections (source: Wikipedia). If we included countries that use PR for at least some local elections, the list would be considerably longer, and […]

PR in the real world: Australia

On 25 August 2010, in Elections, Front Page, News, by jlundell

Want to understand the essence of proportional representation in a minute or two? Look no farther than the results of the Australian Federal elections held on Saturday 21 August. Like the US, Australia has a two-house legislature, with a Senate with 12 seats per state (and four territorial seats), half of which is elected at […]

Proportional representation in the USA: Sacramento

On 23 August 2010, in PR History, by jlundell

As you can see from the PR timeline on this site, with the American Proportional Representation League forming in 1893, and Ashtabula OH becoming the first American city to adopt PR in 1915. Ryan Dunning has posted on his blog Fresno Ranked Voting an excerpt from Hoag & Hallett’s 1926 Proportional Representation describing the brief […]

Welcome to the new prfound.org

On 22 August 2010, in PR Foundation, Website, by jlundell

We have moved prfound.org to a new software base. To begin with, anyway, the site organization is fairly similar to the old one, with the addition of this blog. Eventually, we’ll add a discussion forum. If you had joined the old site as a member, you’ll need to rejoin here; because of passwords we weren’t […]